Push vs. Pull

I am 20 years old. I have opened, went through and closed doors. I still don’t know the difference between push vs. pull. It is similar to me reversing “b” and “d”. To this day, I still have to think about which one I want to write. To help me figure out, I used a method called bed. With this method you used you stick you thumbs together to make your left hand look like a “b” and right hand like a “d”.


I have been using this method since grade school. But for some reason I still can’t figure out push vs. pull. A lot of times, I push a door and it took me several seconds to realize I needed to pull. It is like when a baby tries to put a circle block into the triangle hole. At school there is these giant doors with a small sign of what direction the door goes. And I would say most of the time I move it the wrong way. Once I pulled this push door so hard that I almost broke the door. To make it more awkward there was a line of people behind me waiting for me. They did not say that I was moving it the wrong way. Just watched. I did figure it out but when I could, I wait for someone else to open that door so I don’t get confused again.

I guess it shows how people with LD reverse words and letters around. In this case, I reverse push and pull. I figure a mnemonic devise for push and pull. I think I push someone down the mountain or pull them up. I know there could have been better devises but this is what helps me….sometimes. Most times I forget and push instead of pull. But I think this is important because in this big world we live in, we are unconscious of the little actions in our day. Maybe it helps being aware to lives events. Maybe or maybe not. I know this from my push vs. pull problems, i’ll take a open door over a closed door any day of the week.

Until next time,



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