A “Magic Cure” for ADD? A Con Man and PBS

I was watching TV and there was nothing on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I was going to turn off the TV and read one of my Summer reading book Moneyball but something caught my eye.

It was on public television and the caption on the guide was Healing ADD. Knowing me I was like I have to check this out. And it did not disappoint.

I was in shock what these people were saying. With their books, CDS, lectures you can solve your child’s or your own ADD. One of the books they selling was a cook book. A cook book? Yes a cook book according to them, following a few recipes a kid will magically be cured of their ADD and have a balanced meal at the same time. You could also see them LIVE talking about how they cured their sons ADD and many other families who are “struggling” with ADD. All of this and more could be uses for the price of $240 dollars of 12 payments of $20.00.


I had to remind myself and you that this was on Public Television. You know the channel that tends to try provide really solid research or science backing to their programs. But this? This felt like I was at fair in the 1800’s with a guy selling a magic elixir that can solve: the common cold, head ache, foot pain, back pain, blindness, flesh wounds, dying etc. But in reality does nothing. It really is a jar of nothing, playing on one’s fears and emotions for a quick buck.

One of my favorite parts of the whole thing was when the lady told about her ADD story. Now I am use to hearing stories of strength and embracement of one’s LD/ADD/ADHD. But this women’s stories is both sad and doesn’t do anything to help the LD movement. Here is her story in a nutshell.

She had ADD and everyone in her family had ADD. And she remembers that her life was crazy and had a hard time paying attention. And then she starting following this ADD prevention diet and practiced exercises that she was cured of her ADD. And now you can be too.

Ok pardon my French but this is the biggest thing of BS I have heard in a while. It’s funny to me that people think that a diet can cure one’s ADD like it is losing weight or something. Now I know people with ADD who are some of the healthiest people I know and vise versa and one is not more ADD because of it. And the other thing what is wrong with craziness? Craziness brings life and excitement to people and a house. That is what made our lives so….lively. Without that and by “curing” ADD sure you might be able to pay attention more but you lose what makes you you and a connection that you have with others and your family.

Look I understand the struggles families have with LD/ADHD. The early elementary years are some of the hardest for a number of reasons. But people need to understand that it is not a sickness that a person on TV can cure for 12 easy payments. It is a great part of a person they just have to embrace it and figure out what they can do to succeed.

But it is so easy to want to follow the pack. If you are not apart of it you seem left out. And these cons know this and try to convince you that they have the one cure that nobody else does. But the real “cure” is embracing your disability. I mean really that is what it is. I know first hand I hated my LD for years but now I am in school to work with kids with LD/ADD. And I am working with/leading Temple’s chapter of Eye-to-Eye. So in reality, my LD is more apart of me then anything thing else.

There is always going to be that person that claims that has a cure. But I wish that stations like Public Radio and other outlets hear and spotlight people who embrace their LD and succeeding because of it. If I was a parent that is what I want to see. The reason being is that I can breathe a sigh of relief that hey things might be difficult now but there is nothing wrong and my child and they can still be successful. When I speak about my LD I am treated like a celebrity sometimes by parents and kids because they see a positive image of LD.

So this goes out to all Public Television and other medias I and others want to work with you and share the real lives of people with LD and show parents that there is nothing wrong with their kids in fact they are pretty bright, and creative. I don’t have any special diets just a story to tell of success and embracement. Free of charge.


Until next time,



PS I decided not to name the people who are selling a cure of ADHD because the attention should be on a positive image not on a magic, fake, elixir.


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