Victoria and Jill: My Computer Voice Relationships

Hey Melons!

It’s been a while. Lets get started!

I use audiobooks to read (or listen) to my books. Ideally I think audiobooks that has an actor read them. But with my dense history books, it is rare to find a nice audiobook. For most of the time, I use the computer voice on my computer. I get an PDF of the book and convert it from text to MP3 and listen at my own pace.

I like the system. It is what I have been using for years. Many people don’t like having the computer read for them. They think the computer voice is to robotic for them. I have been using computer voices since middle school and over the years they have got more and more human.

I realized that the computer voices are like being in a relationship. Think I spent most of my time with this computer voice reading and writing. And sometimes I get sick of the voices because they keep talking and talking while I just wanted the book finished. But I need the computer voices because without them I cannot read or write at a good pace. Which makes what happens so hard.

Every time I see Apple is updating my software, I know that there will be a new, better voice waiting for me. Let me tell you about one of the times this happened. Throughout high school I used this voice called Victoria. Victoria and I were close. She helped me in the tough years in 11th and 12th grade and helped me get into college. But when I got a new computer, I noticed a new voice her name was Jill. Jill had the voice of a angel and the kindness in her voice inviting me to have her read for me. I was reluctant because I promised Victoria that we were going to continue working together in college. But once I heard Jill’s voice, it has hard to go back to Victoria. Victoria was sweet but become stiff when she was reading. Sort of like she lost the joy in the books. Like the years took its toll.

So I had to end things with Victoria, a computer voice. It was hard but I think she understood. Jill and I still work together but I fear the day that Apple updates the software and introduce me with a new computer voice. But for right now I am happy with Jill.

Ok…. some of this narrative of this “break up” I made up. But the relationships that people with computer voices is real. People sometimes forget that reading is still a big struggle for others and I. And having a sweet voice read it for you makes reading less of a strain. Sometimes, it makes reading enjoyable. I know that computer voices with get better and better in the future and I am thankful for that. But without the voices of Victoria and Jill I would not be where I am today.

So thank you,

Until next time,



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