Let’s Talk About Subtitles by Amanda Silverman

Here is a new post by Amanda Silverman. I knew Amanda Silverman from high school. She is currently at Beloit College studying Chemistry. She talks about a problem that many LD people face subtitles (aka reading during a movie!). Enjoy! 

You have all been there before, a group of friends suggest a screening of a random movie or tv show or video that has subtitles. At first you are intrigued by the plot and agree to it. But then they load the video and you see the familiar scroll of words. You try hard to read the things but by the time you finish the first line, the second one has disappeared. At some point you give up and turn back to your knitting project. And that is when you get reprimanded, “You missing out on the movie.”

Or perhaps you are more determined to watch the movie, “wait, can you pause that, I didn’t catch all that?” which prompts the snide, “If we pause the movie we will miss the dramatic tension.” If I had a dime for every time I heard that I would probably only have one dime because that only happened once, but it still irks me. Dramatic flow means nothing to me if I don’t know what is happening. But if you are lucky, you have a nice friend that does what your parents did when you were five and showing you a buster Keaton movie, they read the damn thing out loud. Frankly, I love the invention of the vocal cords. If I had to pay a dime for every time a friend offered to read something out loud to me, I would need to go to the chain machine more often. Sometimes they want me to read an essay or short story they were working on. Other times it is subtitles. Still others we are on tumblr and that last rant took me twice as long to read through than they did. When the world gives you lemons, have a party because chances are you have a friend with a juicer you can borrow.

Well thanks for the time…

Also, I just wanted to put in a disclaimer, I am not dyslexic. I have a disability called NOS 315.9, which is a fancy way of saying between my testing in middle school and high school I learned how to over compensate and confuse the tests. But basically I have slow processing and terrible spatial reasoning skills.

Fun fact, despite hating subtitles, closed captioning is my best friend but I don’t think that is LD related…


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