Just An Introduction: By Mark White

My goal for this blog is to start a community where people with LD/ADHD share their everyday stories. My good friend Mark “Chandler” White has agreed to be the first guest writer to Melonaid! Mark has a lot to provide and I think he will share a lot of great stories with all of us. Enjoy! 

It is almost 1 a.m. and I can’t sleep. I have an 8 a.m. math class and the dyscalculia in me is dreading it like a plague. Earlier this evening I got a text from a good friend, asking me to contribute to his blog. It got me thinking about a lot of things and is probably the reason I can’t sleep. I thought a lot about how I got to where I am. That thought occurred as I was watching the season finale of American horror story, surrounded by friends, my arm around someone I care about. I’m in two bands, I play bass somewhat decently, and I’m featured on an album. I have beautiful people in my life and I have my health. I’m really fortunate that I’m in this moment. I didn’t let LD stop me even though it almost did sometimes. I’m glad I am experiencing these moments and this life the way I am.

Many variables created this moment. My LD contributed to and created many of the variables and experiences that shaped who I am. I hate compliments with a passion, I don’t believe in them in regards to myself. However I receive them, which I guess means I did something right somehow. I used to think (ok, I still sorta do) think that my LD made me retarded, or stupid. In the grand scheme of things though, I like to think that it’s the actions that define me, not my grades, not my handwriting and not my math skills. Me, my morals and values, the people and things I am passionate about, the most important things to me, are the things that my LD could not touch.

I also hate talking about myself. Which is why I’m finding this blogging thing so hard. But I’ll try, I think what matt is doing is really important, therapeutic and empowering. I hope to contribute some more and maybe share my thoughts, musings and experiences on life with LD.




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  1. It was really great to hear your perspective Mark. Matt, the forum you are offer others is terrific. Keep it going. A great read.

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